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  • Select the 1st search result inside mail list, and after that press
    the. You can't delete the default account, however you can switch off email to the account.
    The Deleted Items folder stores emails that you just won't make reference to again. If you
    click any from the menu functions in the top, the Ribbon shows and
    you will choose functions and tools. To remove a personalized shortcut, simply open the 'Current keys' box and click
    the required shortcut. You may also recover multiple
    adjacent items by clicking the 1st item, holding around
    the. The other View tabs vary according for the mode.
    Even though your online hosting company provided the Outgoing
    Mail Server information for the website your ISP (Internet Service
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    I setup my outlook client but I don't have any email.
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    Minimizing the Ribbon can be a great strategy to remove clutter and give you a bigger work space for
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