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Sonntag, 14. Januar 2018, 17:05


League Of Legends (Video Game)

With franchising, Riot no longer has a need for a week between Week 9 of the Spring Split and the start of playoffs. Instead of the promotion tournament taking place the week after Spring Split ends, it will just be an immediate intro to Knockout stages as the Quarter Finals would take place that summer. As of right now, Riot anticipates the season to follow suit until week 5 of the Spring Split as the following weeks will follow a flex schedule. Riot have made it clear that only the changes will be in start time of which teams plays when, all teams are guaranteed to play once per day.
Different rounds will run for different lengths. For example, the first round of the play-in stage will be single games, but the second round will be best-of-five matches. The group stages will likely be single games as well, but the quarter- and semi-finals will be best-of-three. The final will be a best-of-five round, with the winner taking home the coveted Summoner's Cup, as well as the lion's share of the prize pool (the total amount of money awarded at Worlds, which is divided up incrementally among the top four teams).
This is more true in the laning phase when killing the support makes the enemy carry much more vulnerable,part of that information, since he isn't strong enough to do much about it yet. It probably won't work by the late-game if the ranged carries are farmed up though and the teams are well-positioned, since spending your time and abilities to target the people which don't do much damage while ones that do a lot hit you with impunity is likely suicidal. Since healers in general have much more impact on the game early on before having their health restoration outstripped by increasing damage outputs, the bottom line is don't bother with this tactic later on.