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Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018, 14:33

Mention Health Issues in SOP?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it's worth mentioning health issues in your SOP? Will that make me look like someone who is unreliable to finish their degree? I cleared them up mostly.

Honestly, i've dealt with different health issues almost half of my undergrad years, which made studying very difficult a lot of times but didn't affect my performance. But the worst happen after finishing my MS in EE, right after my last semester, I had some serious health issues which have just now resolved and during those years I did nothing : no research, no jobs, no applications, no volunteer work, NOTHING but focus on getting better.

Will that be worth mentioning in my application? Im not gonna mention being plagued by health issues during my studies but what worries me is the "long spring break" I took from 2012-2016 after graduating(there was a year gap between finishing all my classes and me applying for graduation because I was too sick to care about it). Will it make a difference if I mention it? I really don't want to but if I have to do it to increase my chances I will.

Any suggestions, any help is appreciated.

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