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Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018, 14:32

Mental health issues and becoming a Clinical Psychologist


So I'm an aspiring clinical psychologist and I'm starting my undergraduate degree in October.However I have a few worries and concerns that I have in regards to my mental health. I'm aware that if upon being accepted onto a doctorate course I would have to go through an occupational health check and therefore disclose my mental health issues as well as previous problems - I don't necessarily mind disclosing this (although I would like to note that currently I am coping well with my mental health issues and they aren't affecting me on a day to day basis - but they are still there) but I'm not really aware whether this could affect the possibilities about me becoming a clinical psychologist or what specialist area's it wouldn't necessarily be advisable to go into. On top of this I'm not really sure about what kind of support I would be able to access. I'm hoping someone would be able to shed some light onto this, or if anyone else who suffers from mental health problems has had any struggles or what kind of experiences they've gone through in order to become a health professional. Equally, if anyone is able to give me any resources with more insight into this sort of thing or support related that would equally be great!

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