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Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018, 11:18

Sharp back pain...already


Have done about 5-6 rowing sessions so far ranging from 5K-10K. Last Saturday I did 10K where the first half was restricted to ~20 strokes/min so putting more stress on my back. When I got off the C2 I could sense something wasn't quite right but I was fine to do my usual 30mins or so of upper body weights too. Afterwards, and ever since I have had a sharp pain in lumbar area on the right hand side. There is a tender spot and it feels less dull than normal muscle fatigue/DOMS, so I have been worried it could be a muscle tear or worse a herniated disc. I know I have low bone density in my lower spine (osteopenia) and hurt my back pushing big gears on a bike in 2014. Occasionally ever since I've got some mild pain with cycling (time trialler background last 5-6 years) but core work seemed to help. FWIW I've done alot less exercise since the start of the year (core will be alot weaker) and was quite excited about getting into erging again and seeing if I could break some PBs on the C2 with training, so feeling quite put out! Suggestions? Anyone hazzard a guess as to the issue? Right now I feel very reluctant to go back on the C2. I was fine ironically with much faster 5K and 30min test (not all out but I was rating more highly in the high 20s). 46M, 5'11" 73kg, ex bike time trialler.

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