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Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018, 16:19

Beauty: nature vs. nurture


I got to thinking one day: why is it that celebrity kids are generally pretty good looking? Particularly, the Olsen twins started life looking like a pair of smashed crabs, but they grew up into a couple of reasonably good looking young women. Not every single celebrity is blessed with good/ok looking parents, e.g. Kate Hudson <= Goldie Hawn so could there be the possibility of some other factor?Is it materialistic? Having assloads of money means that whatever "flaw" you might conceivably have, it could be fixed, addressed. Bad skin? No problem just buy cream/lotion/treatment X. etc.Or is it more of a psychological thing, where living the celebrity lifestyle conditions them into appearing to be good looking? But it's not all just about making yourself look good, generally they are pretty above average looking in "ordinary mode".Or have I got it all wrong, and it is all just smoke and mirrors (hair and makeup)?

Any help will be apprecited.

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