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Montag, 12. März 2018, 07:38

Cosmetic Surgery question, which house?


I have a question about cosmetic surgery and wonder if I'm right to use the 1st house. It doesn't feel like it is a 6th hse issue as this is more to do with how she is going to feel about having it done and its more about the querents appearance and is integral to her sense of identity etc. rather than illness-6th or the surgeon's competence 10th. Any thoughts?

She had already decided to go ahead and planning the surgery to have a facial feature improved with a little smoothing of wrinkles at the same time. She is now being persuaded to go for a full face lift but is worried about the extra cost and if it would be worth it (would she like it) or should she stick with her original plan. So the question is "will I go for the full face lift?" I've never had used the 1st as the quesited before so any suggestions appreciated.

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