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Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018, 11:18

Forenbeitrag von: »kalihu«

Sharp back pain...already

Hello, Have done about 5-6 rowing sessions so far ranging from 5K-10K. Last Saturday I did 10K where the first half was restricted to ~20 strokes/min so putting more stress on my back. When I got off the C2 I could sense something wasn't quite right but I was fine to do my usual 30mins or so of upper body weights too. Afterwards, and ever since I have had a sharp pain in lumbar area on the right hand side. There is a tender spot and it feels less dull than normal muscle fatigue/DOMS, so I have b...

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018, 11:17

Forenbeitrag von: »kalihu«

Back Pain between Shoulder Blades

Hello, I was rowing this morning (sweep, port) during our normal warm-up pick drills and once we extended to full slide a had a pain in my upper back between my shoulder blades. The pain was more like a strong pressure pocket that occurs in your knuckles sometimes and then you can typically crack them in order for it to dissipate. We finished off the warm up and I tried turning in order to crack my back and I couldn't (and still cant) get it to crack. The more I tried the worse the pain got so I...

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018, 11:16

Forenbeitrag von: »kalihu«

Finding a Skeptic-approved back-pain treatment.

Hello, So I've been dealing with an increasingly annoying chronic lower-back pain issue for some time, now... as of late, I've been taking yoga classes, trying to maintain a better posture, and most of the common-sensical type behaviors that would promote better alignment... All of these have helped to a limited extent, but seem to only be slowing down the problem, as the pain can still get relatively severe. The problem is that I feel like I should be doing something more, but every treatment I...

Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018, 11:14

Forenbeitrag von: »kalihu«

What Are Physical Health Problems That Go With Asperger's?

Hello, I've only done limited research in this area but I read that there are some physical health problems associated with Asperger's. Does anyone know what these are? Or would anyone like to share personal stories related to this topic? I am trying to figure out my own health. I think I have Asperger's. Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Small Business Marketing Company Thank you