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Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018, 16:23

Forenbeitrag von: »gabrielantonio«

Weight loss - tips or success stories?

HI, I was hoping people might be able to share any tips or success stories on how to lose weight with Type 1. When I was diagnosed at 20 I was already a little uncomfortable with my weight, and before being diagnosed I didn't have any of the common weight loss others experience. The endo and dietitian put me on a ridiculously high carb diet ("Eat 2 sandwiches for lunch!" and "Don't exercise until you come back for your 6 week review.") which resulted in me putting on 7 kilos in 6 weeks. The endo...

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018, 16:22

Forenbeitrag von: »gabrielantonio«

Supplement to aid weight loss?

HI, I am trying to lean out. I am at 156 and want to lose 10-15 lbs and stay leaner. are there any sensible supplements that work toward such a goal? I am particularly interested in something that is non-speedy. I do a mixture of exercise drills, about an hour of some kind of aerobics 5-6 days a week, cycling, swimming and indoor elliptical. weights twice a week - lighter, higher reps. I have lost about 22 lbs in the past 3 months. Any ideas? Any help will be apprecited. I didn't find the right ...

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018, 16:21

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Should I change private health insurer?

HI, I've just used a price comparison website and I see that I could save around 17 euros/month, times 3 family members by switching to what is probably the best known insurer. They include the same clinics and doctors (and more) that we already use. I appreciate that they wouldn't cover existing conditions, but apart from my monthly pack of statins I don't think it would be a problem if I can see the same doctor as now for general blood tests. Is there any reason why changing would be a bad ide...

Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018, 16:19

Forenbeitrag von: »gabrielantonio«

Beauty: nature vs. nurture

HI, I got to thinking one day: why is it that celebrity kids are generally pretty good looking? Particularly, the Olsen twins started life looking like a pair of smashed crabs, but they grew up into a couple of reasonably good looking young women. Not every single celebrity is blessed with good/ok looking parents, e.g. Kate Hudson <= Goldie Hawn so could there be the possibility of some other factor?Is it materialistic? Having assloads of money means that whatever "flaw" you might conceivably ha...

Mittwoch, 18. April 2018, 09:06

Forenbeitrag von: »gabrielantonio«

Questions about using a UA LA-2A with clean electric guitar

Hi, I am currently using the Legacy version of the LA-2A and about to buy the collection tomorrow. I play mostly clean sounding electric guitar with a bit of reverb and sometimes delay. I am compressing just a little to level off the notes and warm up the sound, which is does great. My questions are , Is it ok to add a little more output gain and not have 100% unity gain? I play fairly soft, with my fingers and my input signal is not always loud. Will doing this create added noise and/or there o...

Mittwoch, 18. April 2018, 09:03

Forenbeitrag von: »gabrielantonio«

Apollo/UAD and FOH sound

Hi, I’m curious if any folks here have integrated an Apollo into FOH sound and what that experience has been like. I’ve seen a couple threads about it, though in most cases the discussion seemed to be about a band member somehow mixing from the stage and using the Apollo for effects, etc. I did find a couple articles about FOH engineers using UAD live, so it definitely seems doable. Any real-world experience out there? If so, how did you integrate the Apollo with the desk? What did you use it fo...

Mittwoch, 18. April 2018, 09:00

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About the Shark Processor

Hi, Can someone tell me why UAD use this kind of processor?What can a shark processor better then a normal one (AMD/Intel)? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:…-processor.html Software Explainer Video Thanks

Mittwoch, 18. April 2018, 08:59

Forenbeitrag von: »gabrielantonio«

Argosy Halo Plus desk for Apollo etc, advice?

Hi, So I have ordered an Argosy Halo Plus desk for my Apollo 8 and various rack mounted equipment. Anyone else got an Argosy desk? any advice re the assembly? do I need 2 people? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:…etc-advice.html Marketing Explainer Examples Thanks

Freitag, 6. April 2018, 06:47

Forenbeitrag von: »gabrielantonio«

how to use scrub without milk cream

Hello, Though I have a sensitive skin.can I use that rice powder scrub without milk cream or Can I use pasteurized milk instead of milk cream? And my face is getting dried after using face wash.What should I use for regular cleansing? Can I apply Banana and honey mixture as a face pack? Any suggestions? I did not find the right solution from the internet. References:-…out-milk-cream/ Product Advertising Communication Thanks