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Freitag, 4. Mai 2018, 05:46

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Consumer Health And Beauty Products

Hi, Our agency is looking for successful ways to generate local and national public relations for a consumer health and beauty product. What works. What doesn't. What expectation should we have for a 6 month plan. (Sending out a "shotgun" of printed press releases to editors usually doesn't work) What new media sources and ways can we engage reporters and editors with important news. Any information of thoughts would be appreciated. For More Details: Creative video production studio

Freitag, 4. Mai 2018, 05:45

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Why do I have to seek approval to sell in Health & Beauty?

Hi, We are the UK distributor for a brand, that is already widely available on Amazon but not from us. As the UK distributor I would have thought listing products in this arena would have been straightforward but before we can start to list we have to seek approval. Why? I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:…lth-beauty/4007 Animated Explainer Video Thanks

Freitag, 4. Mai 2018, 05:44

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

How tf do other women with wide hips and tiny waists wear shorts without them going up?

Hi, It's like the LIFE GOALS of every pair of shorts I own to try to get to my waist, instead of just sit around the wideness of my hips. I have NO IDEA how to get them to stop doing this. It's not like they "ride up" in the sense that the middle leg holes go up between my thighs, it's that the top waist band does NOT want to sit on my hips, it wants to be up around my waist and expose my ass cheeks, lol. I have a festival coming up next week and am planning my outfit, and really want to wear sh...

Freitag, 4. Mai 2018, 05:43

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Two toned skin

Hi, As far as I can remember there has been lines down both my arms where my arms clearly change skin tones. It has always annoyed me and I want to know if there is any way to get rid of it or at least help the line fade. If you google "two toned skin on arms" and go to images, it looks almost exactly like the first picture that comes up For More Details: Creative video studio

Donnerstag, 26. April 2018, 14:36

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yoga at home!

Hi, I suffer with migraines in addition to IBS symptoms, and in a stressful job that often exacerbates this. Idon't know whether you've heard of it but there is a website called Yogaia where you can do a variety of different yoga sessions from the comfort of your own home ... I've never had time to attend classes so this seems a really great idea and since trying it I've felt a lot more relaxed! I tried it as a free trial and if you use the link below, you get a 2 week free trial of their servic...

Donnerstag, 26. April 2018, 14:35

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

How many times I have to undergo teeth whitening?

Hi, I am fed up with the yellow color of my teeth. I am getting married in next August. Before that, I would like to get rid of this discoloration. My fiance also told me about this. He told me to try some cosmetic procedures. But before going to try such procedures, I made a try with some natural remedies. I used to clean my teeth with some special kind of toothpaste. But, it didn't give any satisfactory result. He again told me to undergo some treatments for this. I asked about the treatments ...

Donnerstag, 26. April 2018, 14:34

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

staph infection in ears and nose

Hi, I consulted an ENT in Singapore and did a swab test, which revealed that I have staph infection in both ears and nose. I have read something about how staph infection can lead to ear pain and hearing loss, just like to know more about your opinion on this condition. For More Details: Animated explainer video production agency

Donnerstag, 26. April 2018, 14:31

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Category Approval For Beauty

Hi, The category approval team demands from us an invoice of 30 units of any product/s. They first only requested for an invoice and so we gave them but now they demand 30 units which is practically not possible for us to get because we had just ordered some units for a try at beauty category.We dont know if in how much time will our products will sell or not. So as a small seller its just an investment which will be just kept at our house They are too much demanding like they said they will req...

Samstag, 21. April 2018, 13:28

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

What's your experience of Tramadol?

Hi, I'm not entirely sure I want to keep taking it. I have so far only taken half of the dosage he prescribed and I'm definitely a little light-headed and a bit sleepy. Do you get used to it? Does this go away after a while or am I going to be stuck not being able to drive as long as I take it? I know this only meant to be a fairly short-term thing as it appears I'm finally being referred where I should have been months ago and something will be done about it. I still have some pain so I'd have ...

Samstag, 21. April 2018, 13:27

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Facial at North?

Hi, Any good facial at North, best is at Woodlands to recommend? I have pimples, so need one with good extraction skills. N prefer those that are not too pushy as well. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:…-at-north.1918/ Creative infographic design agency Thanks

Samstag, 21. April 2018, 13:26

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Getting into good health and fitness again after a 2 month rest

Hi, i'm off the beer now give my liver a long rest plus i'm starting back my daily morning 3 hour walks tomorrow morning, I desire to get back to health and fitness also drop weight, I record dropping weight in my diary every two weeks I record the weight loss by writing it down, its coming into spring here so the weather is getting milder .... For more Details: Business video animation company

Samstag, 21. April 2018, 13:25

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Trump thinks exercise is unhealthy

Hi, He thinks it uses up energy like draining a battery. Can somebody tell me if I was transported to planet Stupidia while I slept last night? “Other than golf, he considers exercise misguided, arguing that a person, like a battery, is born with a finite amount of energy,” Wouldn't this mean that a newborn baby has more energy than a full grown man? I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:…s_unhealthy.htm Creative infographic desig...

Mittwoch, 4. April 2018, 14:01

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Cosmetics and skin-care in Budapest

Hello everyone. I'll be staying in Budapest for a few months starting June, and I'm trying to decide wether I should postpone my cosmetics shopping until then, buy online, or go for the tax free. Perhaps some of you can tell me a little about the prices of quality brands in Budapest? I'll mainly be looking for Dermalogica products, but any information about the general price of cosmetics would be very welcome. Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: http://www...

Mittwoch, 4. April 2018, 13:58

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Curly/wavy hair products

Hi everyone, I have curly/wavy long hair that's cut in layers. My hair tends to be dry at the ends and since I am in my early 50's I have also some grey coming through which is more dry by nature anyway. My hair tends to be a bit unruly and I have problems with frizz maintenance and taming my curls in a way that they look nice and luscious. For the last few years I also had some issues with pronounced hair loss which I attributed to general health issues I am dealing with and entering menopause ...

Mittwoch, 4. April 2018, 13:58

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Beauty Truth Sleuth Official

Hello, I discovered the channel through the Jeffree Star calls It Quits video and decided to stay around. She doesn’t upload regularly and when she does, her videos are very boring. She covers minor drama while there is other major drama going on. If she wants to do this right then she should stay on the ball like Rich Lux. The tone of her voice makes a difference too. Also, her videos involve a lot of pausing and reading. She should just read everything out or paraphrase. I finally pulled the p...

Mittwoch, 4. April 2018, 13:57

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Post effects baked into Beauty in Octane 3

Hello, In Octane 2, when I would check the "post" render pass, the post FX would be removed from the beauty pass, enabling it to be easily composited back together with full control over the post pass itself.Now in Octane 3, checking the post render pass saves the post fx out, but also leaves it baked into the beauty pass as well, so I can't manipulate them separately in compositing.Is there a reason for this? Or am I missing how to get it to do this now? Please help I didn't find the right solu...

Montag, 12. März 2018, 07:38

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Cosmetic Surgery question, which house?

Hello, I have a question about cosmetic surgery and wonder if I'm right to use the 1st house. It doesn't feel like it is a 6th hse issue as this is more to do with how she is going to feel about having it done and its more about the querents appearance and is integral to her sense of identity etc. rather than illness-6th or the surgeon's competence 10th. Any thoughts? She had already decided to go ahead and planning the surgery to have a facial feature improved with a little smoothing of wrinkle...

Montag, 12. März 2018, 07:35

Forenbeitrag von: »aaronpawlak«

Question on Physical Beauty

Hello, Has anyone figured out exactly what this statistic represents? It seems like it shouldn't even be rolled for as typically attractiveness has to do with symmetry, reproductive readiness, and physical health. Someone could just start with a base 8 PB, roll 1d4 for symmetry, and then just add to it based upon the final physical scores of the character; maybe +1 per every two statistic points above 15 for strength, prowess, and physical endurance. At least in this sense, the score has some le...